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Meet our board of directors

Michael Brand


Michael is an experienced senior Banking and Finance professional with extensive experience working with the major Australian banks and he currently works with a global bank providing relationship management within the custody and capital market sectors. In addition to his involvement with the Gawith Foundation Michael is also a mentor via the FinSIA program to young graduates in the finance industry







Bob Crosthwaite

Bob-Crosthwaite21Bob Crosthwaite has been involved with the Gawith Foundation since its establishment in 1998. Bob qualified as an electrical engineer, later becoming a maths & physics teacher. He then moved into tertiary education, becoming a senior lecturer in vocational education & training at the University of Melbourne where he developed courses and was involved in the training of staff in the Disability sector.  After leaving the university he moved across to the state government where he developed induction training courses and handbooks for new staff in the disability sector. This in turn led to work in the aged care sector as well as internationally, working in West Africa. Bob is now retired and enjoys spending his time with his family and supporting a number of community organisations.






With a history working in financial markets and banking, Chris now heads a boutique financial planning business and he utilises these skills to ensure the stewardship and prudent management of the Foundation assets. Chris was introduced to the needs of people with intellectual disability through one of his clients, and has become a passionate advocate for people with intellectual disability and in working with parents to secure financial assets to be able to continue to provide for their adult children with a disability.








Daniel is the CEO of Inclusion Melbourne and the secretary of the Gawith Foundation. He has a deep commitment to the community sector and in improving the life trajectories of people with intellectual disability. Daniel is also involved in other community and philanthropic organisations.










Paul is the Managing Director of Russell Kennedy and has extensive experience in commercial law, including contracts, mergers and acquisitions and the establishment of commercial enterprises through structures such as partnerships, joint ventures, discretionary trusts and unit trusts. Paul also devotes time to supporting the community, and as well as serving with the Gawith Foundation, he was a founding director of Vision Australia and the founding chair of the Vision Australia Foundation